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Category: movement is free

  • training for life

    training for life

    Reasons why any pre-defined training plan (whether found on social media or purchased from a reputable wellness professional) can only do so much – and why I don’t sell training plans.

  • why i don’t have a gym membership

    why i don’t have a gym membership

    Reasons why I don’t have a gym membership, by a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, + former gym manager.

  • what to do when you’re exhausted

    what to do when you’re exhausted

    “Treat yourself” doesn’t need to mean buying things, digging deep into your energy reserves to haul yourself to a class, nor spending the whole day at a spa. Here are some suggestions for low-effort, low-cost ways to rekindle your inner flame.

  • movement is free

    movement is free

    How many of us have experienced something like this: We look up from what we’ve been doing, take a deep breath and/or a stretch of our neck or hips, and feel the effects immediately?