The Decolonial Parent

a continuous work in progress


My name is Mirella. I learned to talk and read in north-east London, England, and have been figuring out how to speak truth to power ever since.

I’ve spent most of my life working and working out in community gyms, youth clubs, and social centers. I’ve experienced first-hand just how unequal access can be to health and wellness resources and activities. At the same time, I’ve seen how positively the same resources and activities can impact on everyone’s lives.

With a long and colorful background in sports, fitness, and dance, I am a believer in “movement for living”. I believe that everyone irrespective of background and social status should have access to health and wellness information, in order to make choices that support a full and joyful life. Nothing is more important to me than people living their life to the fullest!

as long as you’re moving, you’re getting somewhere

My focus for any training-related content is ensuring your foundations are a solid base for your goals. As a certified personal trainer, I specialize in functional movement, injury prevention, core strength and alignment, which are really all interconnected. My training methods require minimal equipment by using bodyweight, suspension training, and aquatic training. I believe in innate/ancestral wisdom, training for life + culture, and above all, diversity: putting aside our situational differences, everyone’s body is different and we can’t all be equally served by standardized tools or training programmes. I try to keep most of my content to areas I’m experienced and educated in.

My website is where I share resources that I think can be helpful and supportive for you, and I would love to hear what’s missing or might be of greater service. Whether you want to eat cleaner, feel stronger, run faster, or shake up the patriarchy, I’ve got you!