The Decolonial Parent

a continuous work in progress


Looking for free resources (freesources?) to support your wellbeing journey? I highly recommend these folks:

DareBee (for most of the fitness, training, nutrition, etc. that you’re ever gonna need)

This is the number one source I refer anyone to who asks me about training plans or how to get started working out. Neila has created a ton of apps, training plans, meal plans/recipes, RPG fitness programmes, and downloadable resources. A true gift to all.

Insight Timer (for meditation, music, and more)

Also available as an app in Play Store + App Store, more hours of meditation are logged on IT than on any other meditation app thanks to the freemium format. As well as thousands of guided meditations, take some time to check out the music, live, and meditation timer offerings.

Yoga with Adriene (for yoga, mostly)

Already a global phenomenon, Adriene has been publishing free at-home yoga classes on YouTube for a decade. Her motto is Find What Feels Good and she has over 500 free videos waiting for you to “hop into something comfy and get started”.

Chani Nicholas (for anticolonial astrology)

If you’re looking for a way to connect with your personal astrology in a way that fully acknowledges the history and power dynamics that saddle our view of the stars, have a look at Chani’s assessments. She has a regular column in the Oprah magazine, curates a series of Cosmic Playlists for Spotify and sells personalized chart readings that can be purchased online.

Spirituish podcast (for anticolonial spirituality)

Jess is a spiritual punk from Detroit who embodies “wellness as resistance”. Tune into her podcast on Spotify, Radio Public, Anchor FM, Listen Notes, OwlTail, or wherever it is you listen to your podcast (just search for “Spirituish podcast” on your preferred platform) and get her down-to-earth Motor City take on keeping your shit together when life is pulling you in all directions at the same time.

The Patternist Collective (Digital Wellness Advocacy for LGBTQ POC)

If the digital world ever feels like it’s not entirely safe as a space for intersectional groups, that’s because it often isn’t. If the digital world ever feel unsafe for you, you might want to reach out to The Brooklyn-based Patternist Collective, who are pioneering digital wellbeing coaching.

Most (but not all) of these providers offer a freemium style of service, so you can access a portion of the content for free and need to subscribe to access the full offering. Although this is a common format of service, I’ve included these sources precisely because you can build a full and complete wellness practice around the content they give for free.

If you love them and you can afford to subscribe, remember your subscription (or donation, if they’re a totally free resource like DareBee or Spirituish) helps pay for free content for those who can’t afford it by keeping the websites live and content available.