The Decolonial Parent

a continuous work in progress

Seed of Cerbera odollam tree on the ground

How it begins

After years of conversations about whether or not we should take this leap, we agreed that I would not replace my contraceptive implant when it got removed in April. After all, I’m touching 40 and have spent the past 18 years on birth control. How quickly can a world-beaten woman with old eggs that have been ravaged by hormonal contraceptives really conceive anyway?

Sometimes we really shouldn’t believe the hype.

One minute we were out here living our dual freelancer lives, doing our best to navigate the vagaries of a novel bureaucratic system in a language we have a feeble grasp of (at best). Within moments, we became custodians of a whole new future.

Instead of thinking about stacking clients, billing frequencies, and professional niches, we’re now concerned with how to raise a mixed multilingual child in a sleepy French village.

Over the coming months, we’ll be preparing our home and our lives for his arrival. We’ll be weighing options, exploring customs, and making decisions that work for the point in time and place on earth we currently inhabit. From birthing to diapering to postpartum recovery, we are discovering new frontiers of colonialism to dismantle.

Follow along with us as we do our best to decolonize our own assumptions about parenting!


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