The Decolonial Parent

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finding your own peace

Photo by from Pexels

Sometimes when the outside world gets too loud, we need to find a quiet space to call our own. Sometimes, that outside world is inside our homes. This is all the more common during our pandemic, when we find ourselves spending more and more time with the other members of our households.

What can we do when the biggest challenge we face is how to shut ourselves away? How can we wind down and dial in when the maelstrom is in the same room as us?

I personally love this 5-minute meditation led by Manoj Dias, available to everyone for free on Insight Timer. Manoj guides us to accept that there may be storms raging outside, and invites us to become the eye of our own storm by finding stillness amidst chaos. With practice, this process can become a way for us to carve a space for tranquility no matter how wild our home lives have become.