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Tag: wellness as resistance

  • a sip of productivi-tea

    a sip of productivi-tea

    The underlining tenet of productivity is the belief that what exists right now is not enough. It is antithetical to wealth or health or joy.

  • we contain multitudes

    we contain multitudes

    No matter how fixed you feel your position is right now, you contain multitudes. You are in all directions at the same time and you exist in both the light and shadow.

  • tend to your crops

    tend to your crops

    How we navigate our way through these turbulent times will define our collective future, and we have enough recorded history behind us by this point that we know it could go either way. With all that we have at stake, we’d be forgiven for abandoning hope.

  • finding your own peace

    finding your own peace

    5 minutes of peace can be a lifeline during such turbulent times as 2020 has been, and may well continue to be. Armed with a practice that supports us to find our own space, we can withstand just a little more of it together.

  • stay woke. stay dreaming.

    stay woke. stay dreaming.

    With everything that has happened so far this year, and everything that still lies ahead, we’d be forgiven for falling into despair. Yet still we dream.

  • why i don’t have a gym membership

    why i don’t have a gym membership

    Reasons why I don’t have a gym membership, by a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, + former gym manager.

  • the politics of wellbeing

    the politics of wellbeing

    As practitioners, it’s time we take our reclaim our words, our movements, our communities, and ourselves.

  • fixing holes

    fixing holes

    May you live in interesting times…

  • movement is free

    movement is free

    How many of us have experienced something like this: We look up from what we’ve been doing, take a deep breath and/or a stretch of our neck or hips, and feel the effects immediately?