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Imposter syndrome

Some people may ask, Who are we to write a blog on parenting when we haven’t given birth yet?

And that’s a fair question. Afterall, we haven’t yet experienced the strain of juggling newborn care with self care, or the terrifying first fever or norovirus. We can’t possibly know what it’s like to hear our child scream in pain or cry with frustration or disappointment or heartbreak, because we haven’t got there yet.

Because of this, we wondered whether to write at all. What could we possibly have to offer so early on in our parenting journey, when almost everything is still unknown?

You’d be right to doubt us. We doubt us too, and it’s healthy for us to do so. The truth is, even once we start on the hands on parenting, we will be limited by the scope of our own experiences. We all are.

It’s only by sharing our experiences and collectivising our wisdom that we are able to transcend our own singular existence. And to do that, we have to start somewhere.

So yes, while we are not experienced parents yet, we are experiencing life as parents-to-be and encountering new obstacles and transitions on the way. We write to share our limited experiences with you all, in the hope we can connect our experiences with yours and form a basket of wisdom to support and guide each other, together, through the badlands ahead.

Those of you who have come before us already have your own stories to share. We never stop wanting to hear from you! By putting ourselves out here, and opening ourselves up to judgement, we hope that we are planting the seeds for many conversations to grow.



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