The Decolonial Parent

a continuous work in progress

stay woke. stay dreaming.

Photo by Ralf Rosenberg from Pexels

With everything that has happened so far this year, and everything that still lies ahead, we’d be forgiven for falling into despair. Even after we have adjusted to our hermit-like lives, wearing masks when we venture forth into a world of imaginary boundaries, our economies and households are still reeling from the effects of this pandemic.

Shutting down the service industry has disproportionately affected low-income communities, young people, and people of colour. Those of us who already existed at the margins of post-industrial society, often either on zero-hour contracts or operating family businesses due a lack of opportunities for migrants, have been shunted further out. While the knowledge economy is busy investing in infrastructure for remote working, bloating the SaaS market and adding subscription pricing to formerly free web applications, service industry folks are increasingly joining the gig economy that delivers all of life’s hardware. It can feel so fragile, so fruitless.

Yet still we dream.

This is a call to stay woke and stay dreaming. The pandemic, economic crisis, spotlight on systemic racism, political fractures and fissures all notwithstanding, we must dream of the future we want to share. And we must share those dreams.

Instead of using social media to show how diligent we are as consumers, showing off our swag and ways we spend money, let’s use it to showcase creativity and share solidarity. Support influencers who are spreading knowledge and speaking truth to power, subscribe to content creators who are demonstrating alternatives to the broken systems we’ve been taught to believe are our only hope. Share messages of hope, support, and solutions to our poverty, precariousness, and isolation.

We are here for each other. I am here for you. Let’s raise each other up and keep our dreams alive.